Are you at risk of falling off your firm’s production grid?
Many brokers find success building a book of $20 million or more, but have yet to reach their firm’s aggressive quotas. If this is you, Vision’s Optimize Your Book program is specifically crafted to help you:
  • Move out from under your existing broker’s strict quotas
  • Keep the valued relationships you have built
  • Better serve your clients’ portfolio diversification needs with investments including non-correlated managed futures
leave wirehouse
become independent broker
Are you looking to go independent and substantially increase your income?
Gain the freedom to control the direction of your own business while receiving services and support from a group of established, affiliated companies. Through Optimize Your Book, you can:
  • Focus on the best interests of your clients instead of trying to meet sales quotas or push certain products
  • Double or triple your income with no hidden fees from your clearing firm. What you see is what you get!
  • Provide your clients a large range of products, including separately managed accounts, stocks, options, mutual funds, Exchange Traded Funds, variable insurance products and more
Optimize Your Book is specifically designed for you
financial advisor transition
Migrate your book
One-on-one service from a knowledgeable onboarding team to seamlessly transition to an independent model
broker career change
Access many products and services
A diverse range of investments are available to meet your clients’ unique needs
broker high payout
Dramatically increase your income
Transparent payout rates with no undisclosed fees or quotas to meet
A turnkey program for brokers pursuing independence
financial advisor tools
Easily migrate your book and keep your valued relationships
break-away broker
Revise your payout ratio
move from wirehouse
Better serve your clients’ diversification need with managed futures and our vetted roster of Commodity Trading Advisors*
independent advisor
Custody, clearing and reporting through Charles Schwab & Co. or Vision’s self-clearing affiliate, Vision Financial Markets LLC
registered representative change
Receive personalized service from a dedicated onboarding team
Full Hybrid Business Model Available
Take a holistic approach to servicing your clients with any or all of the following affiliations available through Vision’s Optimize Your Book program:
  • Investment Advisor Representative with a SEC registered Investment Advisory firm
  • Registered Representative through an independent securities broker/dealer
  • Associated Person of a National Futures Association registered Independent Introducing Broker
  • Insurance licensing for variable annuities** (through the broker/dealer)
Utilizing the hybrid model through Vision’s Optimize Your Book program allows you to:
  • Potentially gain a greater share of your clients’ investable assets by providing “one stop” shopping and access to “best of breed” products
  • Build a scalable way to grow your business
  • Stay ahead of your competition by having access to both securities (including variable annuities) and futures products
Declare career independence today!

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Vision Brokerage Services, LLC is a FINRA Broker/Dealer and member SIPC. Vision Financial Markets LLC is a self-clearing FINRA Broker/Dealer and member SIPC. Vision Investment Advisors, LLC is a SEC registered investment advisory firm. High Ridge Futures is an NFA member Introducing Broker. Vision Brokerage Services, LLC, Vision Investment Advisors, LLC, Vision Financial Markets LLC and High Ridge Futures LLC are affiliated companies under common ownership and control. Together, they offer securities brokerage and clearing services, asset management, private investment funds and alternative investments including managed futures.

*Be advised that trading futures and options involves substantial risk of loss and will not be a suitable investment for all of your clients. The risks associated with trading futures and options are significantly different than those of stock investing and investors may lose more than their initial investment. While we advocate diversification, please be advised that it will not necessarily provide protection against substantial loss. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. Access to programs available from Commodity Trading Advisors is available to individuals who are registered with High Ridge Futures (with both Series 3 and Series 30 licenses).

**Other types of insurance can be offered through outside business activity.

Optimize Your Book is an initiative intended for Registered Representatives and/or Investment Advisor Representatives. As such, the content on this site and any related materials are for PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY and are not intended for members of the general public.

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